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Pandora Papers: A wake up call?

December 13, 2021

The Pandora Papers came and went. Now what?

Following the publication of the Pandora Papers in early October 2021, this podcast analyses the legacy of the investigation so far, and what the anti-financial crime community should be doing in response.

The investigation can and should act as a wake up call – driving forward the kind of meaningful change that has progressed through the legislative agenda in fits and starts as of late.


  • Significance of the Pandora Papers
  • Is any of this really ‘new’ for risk & compliance professionals?
  • Concrete steps to promote the kind of corporate transparency needed to deter the abuse of corporate vehicles as has been seen in the Pandora Papers
  • Legislative measures on the table that could promote greater corporate transparency
  • Is it enough for firms to simply ‘do more due diligence’ as is often called for after high-profile investigations are published?

Guest speakers

  • Shanti Salas, Vice President, OpenCorporates (Moderator)
  • Rebecca Lee, Chief Impact Officer, OpenCorporates
  • Laeti Hoffmann, Market Specialist, Due Diligence, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

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